Who is Uncle Gene?

From the age of 17 throughout his adult life, Eugene Verdu has been a leader in humanitarian outreach. Following years of volunteer work in Central America, he founded the Belize Children’s Project, an organization that connects medical professionals, caregivers and host families with children who have an orthopedic disability and provides high-quality medical care at no cost to these children. Through his hard work with the Belize Children’s Project, Gene saw firsthand the value that a network of philanthropists and charitable organizations can deliver to underprivileged, impoverished and marginalized people of all ages. To this very day, the generations of kids he has helped in Belize refer to him as “Uncle Gene.”

What We Do

The Uncle Gene Foundation efficiently and effectively develops and channels resources to empower vulnerable seniors, children and their families. The Uncle Gene Foundation continues this great man’s legacy. Today the Foundation provides:

Continued financial support for the Belize children’s project

Financial support and educational grants for needy children

Financial support for select nonprofit organizations that empower seniors

Our Mission

The mission of The Uncle Gene Foundation is to provide financial assistance and additional means of support for two particularly vulnerable populations: underprivileged children and senior citizens in selected regions around the world.

How You Can Help

As a new nonprofit organization, The Uncle Gene Foundation needs YOUR help to fuel and perpetuate our helping hand efforts.

Your contribution will help disadvantaged children attend school or receive urgent medical care. Your generous gift will also provide financial assistance to support seniors and families in need.

Along with his remarkable legacy of volunteer work, Gene is currently authoring his autobiography, due to be available in December 2020. 100% of the book’s proceeds will go towards supporting the work of the Foundation. Your purchase of a copy of the book will make a meaningful difference.


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“I would like my journey and legacy to stimulate young people, especially those who are poor, and teach them that they can make a difference in the world. My autobiography is being written, and this foundation has been formed to perpetuate my belief in helping those in need. I’ve dedicated most of my life towards this endeavor and would be honored for it to continue.”

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The Uncle Gene Foundation is proud to partner with Love a Senior Day. Visit us on October 8th to learn more about our new foundation and other great initiatives!